Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One afternoon I encountered a site from the internet which is intitled with Moving On From Cancer. I became so curious with the topic that I impatiently open the details. There I knew that it was an article authored by Graham Cable to inspire cancer survivors like himself. In his article he enumerated the seven deadly sins or in laymans term negative attitudes of cancer patients that often times have a big influence to patients attitude towards his condition. I, as a cancer survivor for 8 years now, do believe that fighting this seven deadly sins as adviced by Graham surely help us win against our battle from the so called Big C.
Visit Graham Cable website at www.moveonfromcancer.com and be inspired like me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Healing Mass

Just this morning, I attended a Healing Mass. In the church all I can see are disabled, convalescent and aged persons hoping to be healed after the ceremony. Comparing myself to these people I can say I'm very much blessed. I am able to ambulate on my own and not suffering much like them. Settled in our bench, the priest started his homily. He said that the mass we are attending is not the one that heals us but rather our belief of getting healed. According to him, oftentimes when we have grave illness like cancer we pass through stages such as denial, anger, depression and later on acceptance. To him, acceptence is the highest stages that will help us recover. I believe him though, because I experience all the stages. As I have observed, my recovery is very slow when I was in denial, anger and depression. In these stages I was stressed out that I was blaming everthing and sometimes thought of ending it all. But when I realized, no matter what I do it is part of me then I learned that acceptance has taken its place. Accepting the fact, that I do have cancer and not able to bare a child, felt a lot lighter and stress free. I was able to think clearly and had so many options in mind on what to do. It also helped me recover even faster because I believe my happy hormones are up helping my system suppress the growth of cancer cells. Acceptance also make us a positive thinker and see ourselves as a normally functioning individual.

Stay happy and enjoy Life!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cancer Delights

Chocolates, ice cream, yogurts, cakes, mayo, burgers, pizza, hotdogs, chips n dips, fried chicken skin, grilled pork and instant foods hhhhmmmmmmmmm so yummy! I use to eat these stuff before because I was too eager to add some weight. It is undeniable that these food are mouth watering making our saliva drool just by merely imagining it. But a lot of rumors fly, that all food stated above causes cancer. What then are we suppose to eat?

The way I see it, these food are not that harmful if taken in moderation. Like the saying, "too much of everything is bad." I read in diet articles that we need to have a balance diet for us to equalize the needed calories and vitamins in our body. But often we forget and eat enormous amount of food without concidering its effect. Most of the food stated above consist of artificial sugar and spices to taste which contain chemicals that harms our body. Like for instance the monosodium glutamate or commonly called the MSG. If taken ample amount the usual organ affected is our liver and kidney which is responsible for filtering the food that we eat. In that case, without us knowing it will be damage. Adviced by dieticians, meat especially pork and chicken must be taken in small amount. Because now a days hugs and chicken growers use a lot of chemicals to allow growth of animals in a short time. In a matter of 5 months they can sell it to the market. The effect of this chemicals inhance certain hormones in our body producing protein that feeds the cancer cells. That is why it is advisable and highly recommended to eat high fiber food like vegetables and fruits. With these it will help our vital organs detoxify the ingested food and replenish the necessary minerals suited for our body.

Prevention is Better than Cure

How many of us believe, prevention is better than cure? Point in my life when I was not yet affected by cancer, this phrase doesn't matter much to me. I believe then that in every sickness there's always a cure. Prevention is not predicting what is going to happen but rather guarding ourselves from it. Well it's not yet too late for me though. Based on my personal experience, avoiding myself from food or any factors that I know is a feeder to cancer cells helps me prevent from immediate remission of my cancer. There are also treatments available to prevent cancer to occur in a healthy individual. It is call the preventive vaccines, examples are hepatitis B and HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine. Ask your doctors about it.

Last May 17, 2008 a Cancer Forum organized by General Santos City Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, I was invited to be one of their speaker as a cancer survivor. As I was talking infront of nursing students, doctors and fellow cancer patients it was my objective to reach out to them that the act of avoiding or preventing factors that enhances the disease results to a healthy and wealthy individual. Why? Because as we all experience, sickness is coupled with expenses such as medicines, tests, hospitalization and treatments. Therefore it is wise and before it's too late let us find ways to be a healthy individual and not regret in the future.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cancer treatments

Upon being diagnosed with cancer way back 2002, chemotherapy was the primary solution most doctors recommend. Other than chemo there are also radiation therapy and biologic therapy. I was glad I belong in the decade of modernization where new discoveries of treatments and medications are developed to treat such disease. Just recently I've seen in one of the episodes of a TV series here in the Philippines, Rated K by Korina Sanchez-Roxas featuring the new treament for cancer which is Nano Therapy. From the articles written about nano therapy, it was stated that these are genes injected to the tumor forcing the cancer cells to produce proteins that will kill the affected cell leaving the heathy ones. Unlike chemo therapy it kills both the good and bad cells. Thus renewing the entire cells of the body. Isn't it unbelievable amazing?Personally I believe that boosting ones healthy cells or as I call it the happy cells, will out number the affected ones therefore will result to cure.

New trends of treatments such as these also has its bad side like side effects. As I have experienced in chemo therapy both intravenous and oral, the side effects are quite thesame. Body weakness, vomitting and the most depressing part for me is hair loss. The side effects are tolerable but its more like a suffering. But one thing I have learned in facing these side effects is mind setting. Convincing ourselves that these effects are not permanent which would last for 3days or a week in each session. After that, it's back to normal condition. Though hair loss will last for months even a year before it will grow back, this is the time where acceptance takes place. Me for example, everytime I get alopecia or baldness I shave all of my remaining hair and see myself as the lead singer of the popular band Cranberries. In that way I won't be depressed and still feel confident.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the beginning

Surviving cancer (Ca), who ever thought it exist. Well it does and that is me. In every story there's a beginning ........

Back in college when I first encountered such word, cancer, it was as if a simple medical term that I often neglect. Never had much interest in it but I know this is a deadly disease that a lot of people survive calling themselves survivors and unfortunately some pass away.

I graduated college got my degree not knowing I had a bonus. Few months after I got really sick. Three alarming signs came to me, first I have high grade fever on and off for weeks. Another, extreme loss of body weight though I was eating regularly and lastly dysnea. I was use to getting sick since grade school and I often self medicate. Thinking it was the usual until I hardly breathe. I was confined in a hospital, went through series of tests, undergone operation for sample biopsy and later diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3C.

I never thought and view myself having this kind of disease ever in my life. At first it was like my whole world was torn apart, dreams crashed and not a single hope was left. Later I realized I've learned this before and I should know how to face this. I said to myself, "Ca there's a cure that would be chemo or radiation therapy ". Positively I thought, cancer is just like common colds with meds. It will be gone soon.